Goddess Reclaimed 

Goddess Reclaimed 

Our Goddess reclaimed ministry is an outreach program open to the public exclusively supporting women and children experiencing  and or transitioning or escaping from all types abusive situations.  

Those women and children involved and Goddess Reclaimed ministry have full free access to our Starseed Academy curriculum, our Feminine Freedom curriculum and the Feminine Financial curriculum in addition to the support services provided by Goddess Reclaimed 

Our support plans are customized for each case in an attempt to address the personalized needs of the family. Some of the services that can be included in a reclaimed plan are;

Pay for services and make referrals for services needed. 

Temporary hotels stays

First months rent and security deposit referrals


Clothing diapers food

Court companionship

Court services

Protection orders


Daycare referrals

Sovereignity fees covered

Safe abortions

And more

Reclaimed Projects

LPower Project – Redecorates bedrooms for children who have been sexually abused in their home to remove all surface triggers

Complete the form to resquest support

    A support Goddess will be in contact with you either via email or phone within 48 hours. We are holding space for you, know that You Are Loved