We need volunteers like you to keep GoddessLife Ministries growing and expanding. Below is a list of areas where volunteers are currently needed the most. If you wuld like to give of our time please complete the form below and a current Goddess support member will contact you within 24 hours.

  • Donations & Fundraisers
  • Volunteer Cordinators
  • Support Screening
  • Social Media Marketing & Promotion
  • Sunday Temple Support
  • Course Creation / Posting Support
  • Studdent Admissions
  • Goddess Reclaimed Ministry support
  • Starseed Ministry Development & Teachers
  • Health & Healing Ministry support & Teachers
  • Feminine Finances Ministry support
  • 8 Figure Femme Ministry support
  • Experienced Farmers & equipment
  • Frequency Parenting support
  • Gaia Ministry support

If you have an area of expertise that you feel would be support us, please reachout.

GoddessLife Miistries strives to hire from our student and volunteer base first before searching public.

Thank you for your intrest in supporting us and women around the world.