Donations from supporters like you and the Goddess University admissions allow us to provide ongoing support to women in need.

Most offten we are covering the cost to get women and childern into a safe enviroment. Somtimes thats a hotel, or transportation to family. Other times it is paying the fees associated with moving into a new home in a new state.

When women are intrested and their situation requires it we cover all the fees in correcting the mother’s and children’s national status. Support is customized to the family as, every family does not need the same about of support.

Those within the Goddess Reclaimed program can receive a one-time assistance approval to a custom plan that extends up to 6 months.

Your Donations Make Us Possible

If you would like to donate physical items like gift cards, cars, baby formula, baby items or other relivent items please text us for further instructions at 571.888.5191

To make a financial donation please use the link provided by our partner company LaMeel, below (you can set your single or monthly donation about under “Your Price”.

**You can cancel monthly donations at anytime

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