Goddess LaMeel

Founder of GoddessLife Ministries, an ordained spiritual metaphysical minister, and a practitioner of metaphysical healing, Goddess LaMeel is dedicated to guiding others on their spiritual journeys. With a passion for healing and activism, she serve as a spiritual healer and Goddess activist. Additionally, Goddess LaMeel is the visionary behind LaMeel.com, Luxe & Light Apothecary, and Goddess University.

Goddess Dianna

Meet Goddess Dianna, an ordained spiritual minister at GoddessLife Ministries. She’s the guiding force behind the Star Children program within Starseed Ministry, affectionately known as Princess Dianna by the children. With a deep passion for sharing and empowering others, she weaves her creations through “My Arcane Shop” at DiannaVernee.com, leaving a trail of spiritual awakening and enlightenment wherever she goes.