Feminine Freedom and sovereignty is the foundation of our ministry. It is this single principle by which all our work is based on. 

This area of study educates women and their families on what it means to be free. Why women are not free and how to become free and sovereign. 

We teach women their rights, and how to execute those rights in ways that no longer allow for them to be oppressed by the US corporation nor held hostage by laws that were not made for them, by them nor for their benefit. We educate to ensure freedom from all of patriarchal society.

Although this information and education allows for women to start living a new lifestyle that makes them a state national or no state national, which inturn gives them access to the prceedures that will allow them them to make major life purchases such as land, cars, homes, and pay off all exeting debt.

This level of education has also helped women when the court system not designed for them has failed them, when the laws have failed to protect them and their children from their abusers, freed them from dangerous oppressive marriages and so much more. 

Those journeying to us through our Goddess Reclaimed ministry are granted access to all the information, studies and support that feminine freedom offers.