Starseed Academy

Our Starseed Daycare program is designed for children from eight weeks through four years of age.

The Starseed Daycare program incorporates a Montessori styled learning environment with a universal law of attraction approach. 

We are in the process of developing our first physical flagship location however we do offer a in home daycare certification program.

The certification allows in-home daycare providers to utilize our name and our daycare philosophy approach and curriculum within their own home daycre, provided they meet certain guidelines and adhere to our policies and procedures. 

If you would like to start a Starseed Daycare our implement Starseed in your community or home daycare please send us a message via the contact form so we can schedule a zoom meeting. 

Starseed Academy is currently in development for grades K-12 children. Phase one is a complete;y virtual school setting with live instructors. Phase two will be the competion of our first physcial campus.  

Areas of study in the academy includes 

The universal laws



Business development 


Understanding emotions


 Plant based meals

Foreign languages

Original history

Interest guided custom curriculum


Gardening and more